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Whether you are studying psychology to prepare for exams or just out of personal interest, the subject never fails to excite! If you are looking for a psychology tutor in in Dubai, look no further. Cordoba offers expert private tutoring for IGCSE, GCSE, AS & A Levels, IB and AP psychology.

Psychology is the study of mind and behaviour. It encompasses the biological influences, social pressures, and environmental factors that affect how people think, act, and feel. While it is exciting to study psychology, it is important to note that no one view in psychology is definitive. Psychological theories are developed by testing hypotheses through research, which is influenced by the mindset of the researcher and the time and context. So, a single topic can be studied by taking more than one approach. Psychology teaching therefore requires tutors to have in depth knowledge of the subject to be able to differentiate among each approach, their assumptions, strengths, and weaknesses. By studying psychology with Cordoba tutors, you will realize how important it is to promote an appreciation and understanding of individual, social and cultural diversity.

The subject of psychology is vast, but our highly qualified psychology tutors in Dubai will help you build strong a strong foundation. The syllabus for IGCSE psychology tutoring focuses on four core areas of psychology: biological, cognitive, learning, and social

It also further discusses psychology as it relates to abnormality, consumer behaviour, health, and organizations. Our expert private tutors will not only encourage you to explore and understand the relationship between psychological findings and everyday life, but also develop an understanding of moral and ethical issues in psychology research. They prepare students for exams through working to improve the ability to really understand the depth, richness and the detail of psychology. It provides solid preparation for what students will face at university and work. 

Teaching Methodology

  • Creative teaching methods and fun learning activities 
  • Clarity and simplicity in lessons
  • Homework help, exam preparation, practice tests and review sessions for difficult topics

At Cordoba, continuous feedback from tutors and students contributes to the development of class content, assessments, and support materials. Private tutors ensure all materials are designed carefully around the needs of the learners, and we consult with leading higher education institutions to make sure our students develop the skills necessary for success in higher psychology studies. Our comprehensive student support will help you take courses confidently and effectively, and includes resources for learning as well as exam preparation for IGCSE, GCSE, AS & A Levels, IB and AP.

Our psychology tutors in Dubai not only deliver expert content but also focus on developing important life skills to help learners to get ready for the next stage of education and the professional landscape. Cordoba’s tutors encourage learners to be confident, responsible, reflective, engaged, so sign up today to make a difference.

Our psychology tutors can help with assignments, prepare you for exams and will ensure you get higher grades.

A Holistic Approach to Learning

Apart form our standard tutoring, we also help with

  • Exam Preparation & Revision
  • Extensive Coverage of Past Papers
  • Help With Homework 
  • Schoolwork Support For Slow Learners

A History of Successful Tutoring in Dubai

For over 30 years, the Cordoba Institute has been the go to place for

  • GCSE Tutoring In Dubai
  • IGCSE Tutoring In Dubai
  • AS & A Levels Tutoring In Dubai
  • IB Tutoring In Dubai

Our psychology tutors can help with assignments, prepare you for exams and will ensure you get higher grades.

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